Testimonials (from Reach150.com)

Robert and Liz Doidge recommends Karen J. McAuley Apr 16, 2012
Software Engineer
Karen was exceptional in helping us find our first home.

She showed us how to focus on not only on the big things like location, style, and features, but also on all the little things you can often overlook when buying a home: like how the cabinet doors might open inconveniently when putting away dishes.

Karen was also with us every step of the way.
She fought hard for us when we put in our offer and made sure we got a great deal.

With Karen, we always knew what our next steps were.
When it came time to close, she was always able to explain anything we had questions about and helped us understand the real estate terminology and loan documents we were signing.

Casey recommends Karen J. McAuley Mar 30, 2012

We had the pleasure of working with Karen when we bought our home in Morgan Hill. She was extremely prepared and very knowledgeable. We could not have asked for a better real estate agent. She worked hard to find out our needs - and then found us the perfect house to meet those needs. Very much available when we needed her. She has also even helped us with advice about our house years after our purchase. Would highly recommend her to anyone interesting in buying in the Morgan Hill area

Neil Kozuma recommends Karen J. McAuley Mar 30, 2012
I highly recommend the professionalism and client advocacy of Karen McAuley. Because of her efforts, I was able to find a home quickly, within my budget range, and the home satisfied my comfortability. Karen worked with my schedule in looking at many different homes and she offered great advice for new homeowners. For my future home needs and for the needs of my contacts, I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Karen McAuley.
Neil Kozuma

Jane Stevens recommends Karen J. McAuley Mar 30, 2012

I have worked with Karen several times with purchases and sales of my property. She always goes the extra mile to give me the best service and protect my interests. I have recommended her often to my friends and they have been equally satisfied

Michael Lin recommends Karen J. McAuley Mar 29, 2012

Karen is Real Estate expert in Gilroy house market. She is knowledgeable and helpful. When we worked with her for our house hunting. She was very patient and gave us lots of insightful opinion. We highly recommend her to be your agent for your dream home

Testimonials from Transaction Satisfaction Survey

Richard and Robin Vasquez September 17, 2014

Karen is always a step ahead of everything! She stays on top of everything. We would absolutely utilize her services again!

Jane Stevens July 8, 2014

A+ service from Real Estate knowledge, efficiency, effectiveness, and achieved the end result promised! Always courteous and professional. I am always sure you look out for me.

Dan and Michelle Lozano April 22, 2014

Karen is excellent, prompt and knowledgeable. This is the third time we have used her services.

Acela Del Toro April 22, 2014
Karen is honest and direct. I would absolutely use your services again!

Alec and Amanda Banta September 5, 2013
Always prompt, always available. Excellent overall service!

Robin Vasquez August 6, 2013

You do all the work efficiently and always right the first time!

Tomas Sepulveda September 26, 2013

I liked everything about Karen. No areas could stand improvement. I would be happy to be a reference for her.

Marty and Acela Gipson August 15, 2012

I like working with her for her confidence. It made me feel like we had the necessary information. If you did know something, you always mad a suggestion about where to turn for an answer. You were very patient with the turmoil of the divorce. Your knowledge is evident in the time that the house sold and the amount if sold for. I really appreciate your skills and demeanor.

Mario and Patricia Van Cleave March 23, 2011
Karen is very easy to communicate with and did an excellent job for us. We would be happy to be a reference and would use her again.

Lonnie Osborne Jr February 11, 2010

I liked everything about working with Karen. Without her perseverance and dedication, I would have given up long before the time if took to find my dream home!

Dear Karen, February 12, 2010

Thank you for finding me a home, instead of selling me a house. I truly appreciate the time you provided in guiding me through a very important lifetime decision, purchasing a home.

The task of finding the right home is not easy and it involves not only a long financial commitment but also an emotional decision.

I enjoyed working with you because of your real estate knowledge (home prices, required real estate documentation, short sales, FHA, USDA, how to inspect homes, network of real estate services), organizational skills (home tours, status of pending sales), patience (concern for the client) and determined spirit to accomplish the goal of the client.

Your effort, on my behalf, has allowed me to move into a wonderful home with only a small investment of my time and money. You saved me thousands of dollars and completed the sale in a short amount of time. I also thank you for spending time with me as I signed the loan documents at the Title Company. I am thankful of your support throughout my home finding process and your willingness to work with me for as long it would take to make me happy.
Neil Kozuma

Jessica Fry- Ismael Davila July 8, 2009

Karen was very invested in our success and we like she really cared about getting us into a good home. She is extremely professional and we would use her again in the future!

Michael and Sharon Henrikson November 18, 2009

You were very nice and made us feel like family. No areas of improvement come to mind.

Gerry and Laurel Carle November 5, 2008

We liked everything about working with Karen! She has excellent Real Estate knowledge, professionalism, and efficiency. We felt very comfortable and not pressured or pushed. She always responded quickly and the estimate of costs was accurate. We would definitely use her again and refer her to our friends, family and co workers.

Judy Cochrane August 27, 2007

What I liked best about working with Karen is the complete care she gave us and the complete knowledge of the market.

Delores Johnston January 16, 2005

Karen is honest and I liked her attention to detail and follow up.

Clyde and Shirley Jensen May 13, 2004

I likes her knowledge, immediate response to any problem, calm professionalism, and a lovely manner and appearance.

Doug and Susie Barrett July 8, 2004

Karen is very personable, always on top of issues, successful in spite of inexperienced Buyers agent.

Lloyd and Helga Calendar April 16, 2004

Very Professional, trustworthy, excellent attitude and efficient agent.

Ken and Linda Martin November 14, 2003

Always pleasant to talk to and knowledgeable. She even delivered the sale at a higher price than we were expecting to settle on!

Norma Cabot April 30, 2002

She was really good when the first Buyers dropped out. And she got me more money and quickly. Congratulations! You did a super job and always available.

Mr. and Mrs Miller July 12, 2002

We liked Karen’s knowledge of country property. She was easy to work with enthusiastic and had good problem solving skills,

Phil. Sheri, Barbara, and Tony August 27, 2001

“If you ever need a realtor, call out with glee
To our reverberant Coldwell Banker Karen McAuley
She’s competent, persistent, incredibly fair and bright
Working diligently for us through the day and night.
Her style is effective for this we all agree
It’s been incredible and encouraging for all of us to see.
Bubbly, compassionate, meeting all your needs,
She’s even driven an antique tractor to cut down all our weeds.
Three tremendous cheers and heartfelt thank to Karen for a job well done
You’ve not only been successful but a heck of a lot of fun.”